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Status: Paying
Online Since 163 days
2 monitors
This HYIP is paying but does not have a lot of monitors, invest with caution.

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Min Deposit $0 SSL Secured  No
Max Deposit Unlimited DDOS Protection  No
Payment Processors Uknown


Dream Team Money Forum Topic

 Votes and Comments

Latest Comments 1 positive / 9 negative


This is a scam site. They took my $30 about a week now (04/13/20018), withdrawal still pending. Write to admin, he answered to add $100 again before being paid. Thanks
6 days ago


not paying
34 days ago


This is a scam site. They took my $30 about a week now, withdrawal still pending. Admin pls change payinstantly status to not paying. Thanks
46 days ago

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$100 Invested
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 Monitors (2)

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