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Status: Paying
Online Since 170 days
14 monitors
This HYIP has been online and paying for a long time.

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 RCB Offers

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Monitor Investment RCB return percentage RCB amount
$50 $1.00 + 5.0% $3.50
$50 $1.00 + 5.0% $3.50
$50 $1.00 + 5.0% $3.50
$50 $1.00 + 5.0% $3.50

 Plan Calculator

   Default Plans
Plan Min - Max deposit Principal Returned
1% hourly for 96 hours $5 - $5,000 No
3% hourly for 40 hours $500 - $50,000 No
9% hourly for 24 hours $5,000 - $300,000 No


Payouts 1.11-13% hourly! Referral Earnings 3-10%
Min Deposit $5 SSL Secured  Yes
Max Deposit $300,000 DDOS Protection  Yes
Payment Processors bitcoin  payeer  perfect money  advanced cash  bank 


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Latest Comments 16 positive / 4 negative

🔴 SEND 0.05 BTC - RECEIVE 0.10 BTC in DAYS. @  

🔴 SEND 0.05 BTC - RECEIVE 0.10 BTC in DAYS. @


I could not have asked for a better experience! 12.11.17 09:47 Receive Received Payment 15.00 USD from account U6884956 to account U----UU. Batch:194698498. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from
9 days ago


what is your issue?
can you help me
why your live chat is being close as soon as i send my username i check my internet there is no problem then what is the ........did you delete my account .
hello Sir do you understand my problem
Can n't i you continue live chat with me after sending my user name
is there any restriction
hello sir do you response me or not ?
hello sir
what a live chat !
they close live chat
there is no answer they took my $190 and not response.

12 days ago

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Invested vs Withdrawn

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$131,044 Invested
$141,830 Withdrawn

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 Monitors (14)

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