How to find the best HYIP programs

09 Jul 2019 by William

How to find the best HYIP programs

Every day roughly 15 new HYIP programs are created. In this constant stream of new hyips it can be challenging to find the profitable programs in which you should invest.

Every HYIP program will eventually stop paying out its users. The trick is to invest in an HYIP that is going to get popular before it already is popular.

Here are 4 indicators of a good HYIP program.

1. Amount Invested

The most important indicator of whether to invest in an HYIP is to check how much has been invested in the program.

Here at AllHyipData you can track how much has been invested over time. Once you spot a graph that keeps increasing exponentially it is a good indicator to invest.

Investment graph on AllHyipData

This is an example of an exponentially increasing graph.

2. Comments & Votes

An HYIP will try to keep paying the monitors whilst screwing over the normal investors. Therefore, the HYIP could already be a scam even though the monitors are saying that it is still paying.

So always check the user comments and votes to see if they are positive.

User comments and votes on AllHyipData

Always check the votes and comments.

3. Check how professional the HYIP looks

Always check how much effort has been put into the HYIP website. Some red flags are:

  • A "copy-paste" design that looks very similar to other HYIPs
  • An ugly unprofessional design.
  • Crazy payout rates such as 800% after 1 hour - These are always scams

An example of a good professional HYIP design is the El-Terro program.

Screenshot of the el-terro website

The El-Terro program is an example of a professional unique HYIP design

4. Online presence

Check how much online presence the HYIP has. You can measure online presence with the following things:

  • How much monitors does the HYIP have?
  • How much advertisement banners does the HYIP have?
  • How many visitors does the HYIP program have? You can check out to see how many visitors a website has.

I wish you good luck with finding the right program to invest in! And remember Never invest what you cannot afford to lose!