What is an HYIP monitor

16 Jul 2019 by William

Hyip monitor

The HYIP ecosystem is quite large in this article I will explain what HYIP monitors are. And how to earn more money by starting your own HYIP monitor

An HYIP monitor invests money in an HYIP and display on their website whether or not the HYIP is still paying. Usually, HYIP admins pay a listing fee to the monitor to get their program on the monitor website. The higher the fee paid, the higher the program appears on the website.

Are monitors trustworthy?

Most monitors are trustworthy in the sense that they will tell you a program is a scam when it stops paying them. The problem is that HYIP admins know exactly to what accounts the monitors belong and will, therefore, keep paying monitors the longest. Therefore it is always wise to use allhyipdata.com to check the status of multiple monitors.

List of HYIP monitors

There are over 100 monitors, and a lot of them aren't of the best quality. AllHyipData only gathers data from decent monitors, so any monitor you find listed on our website is generally a trustworthy monitor. 

Start your own monitor

If you are thinking about starting your own monitor I would say, yes go for it.

HYIP admins will pay monitors longer, and be less likely to screw you over. Besides that, if your monitor becomes more popular you can earn money by advertisements and listing fees. And, finally, you can tell other investors when an HYIP turns Scam warning them.

I am currently working on HyipMonitorScript.com where you can start a HYIP monitor for only $9.95 per month.

If you leave your email on HyipMonitorScript.com you will get a 25% discount on your first 3 months when the script is ready. So head over there and let me know if you are interested!

And, as always, good luck on your investment journey!