What is an HYIP program

03 Sep 2019 by William

Today we are going back to the basics and examine what an HYIP program really is.

All HYIP programs are scams

A HYIP program will pretend to be a legitimate investment company. Most HYIPs are registered UK companies, however you can instantly register a UK company online for only $30 so this doesn't say much.

Some HYIPs also buy a extended green bar ssl verification. This costs around $200 and is easy to do if you have the UK company license.

Now it is important to remember that all HYIP programs are scams. They pay their investors from money they get from the other investors. Basically forming a giant pyramid.

There will come a point where there are not enough new investors and the pyramid collapses. At this point the HYIP will stop paying out its users.

Almost everybody knows this

Almost all investors participating in HYIP programs know that it are pyramid schemes. But they keep investing money because they know that you can make money if you are one of the early investors.

This is what AllHyipData is for, to spot the good HYIP programs that are going to attract a lot of investors. If you are interested in finding a good HYIP program then check out this blog post

Good luck on your investment journey, and never invest what you cannot lose!