Finding a HYIP is the best place to search for HYIP programs. Depending in your strategy you might be looking for the newest HYIP, a more trending HYIP or a popular HYIP. The advantage of searching HYIP programs on is that for every HYIP, we provide a broad overview of information that will help you selecting potential HYIP programs. Besides our data, also make sure you visit the website of the HYIP to check the design.

Payout rate

The payout rate should be within the scope of your general strategy.

Min and max deposit

Minimal and maximal deposit is indicated for every HYIP.


The Whois data tells you information about the website and nameservers.

Security check

Proper HYIP programs, that are professionally build are both SSL secured and DDOS protected. Don’t invest in HYIP programs that have no decent security.


The number of the monitors indicate the size of this HYIP, the more monitors are on this HYIP, the more potential this HYIP has. The status of these monitors tells you if the HYIP is paying or not.