HYIP Investing Guide

6 tips for HYIP investing

High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) are widely spread throughout the internet. In general these HYIP programs are described as being scams and if you don't watch out they will disappear with your investment. But if you engage them in a smart way it is possible to earn a lot of money.

AllHYIPdata.com provides you all the information you need to optimise your HYIP revenue. Underneath you find a 6-step plan that will help you when investing in HYIP programs.

1. Know the risks

Investing in HYIP programs is basically gambling. Therefore it is not safe, a HYIP can at any moment stop paying its users and disappear with all the money. That being said, it is still possible to make money by investing in HYIP programs.

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2. Formulate a strategy

When investing in HYIP programs it is important to decide if you choose for short term investments that pay high rates but are at high risk, or that you focus on long term investments that are less risky but also have lower interest rates.

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3. Finding and checking a HYIP

The internet is full of HYIP offers, but most of those offers are old, and thus dangerous to invest in. The best place to find HYIP programs is on forums, or on our new HYIP and trending HYIP pages. We provide a complete overview of crucial information for every HYIP. This information consists of Whois info, if the HYIP is DDOS protected and if the HYIP is SSL secured. Furthermore, we have a list and calculator of every available plan of the HYIP.

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4. Investigate the HYIP

Proper investigation on your HYIP is the most important part when investing in HYIP programs. AllHYIPdata.com is unique by providing its users with a structured data analysis of every HYIP. This analysis is based on the data of ALL HYIP monitors. We offer:

  • Graphs about the amount invested VS the amount withdrawn
  • Graphs on the number of monitors that are monitoring the HYIP
  • Graphs about the number of form posts of this HYIP

All this information is the key to see if a HYIP is likely to survive longer, or that is has reached its top and is now likely to collapse.

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5. Choose a plan

Most HYIP programs offer a broad variety of investment plans. The plan you choose should be in line with the general strategy you are following and with the potential you see in this HYIP.

Be aware when choosing a plan to check if the plan offers ‘principal returned’, and check if the HYIP plan pays every day on only on ‘business days’. Never choose plans that offer very high margins when a lot of money is invested, in practice this means that your money is being used to pay out the smaller investors, and in most cases you will not get anything of your investment back.

AllHYIPdata.com offers a calculation tool that shows how much money is returned from your investment over time.

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6. Gain extra revenue by using RCB offers

RCB stands for referral commission back. If you sign up as a referral of a monitor the monitor will give a percentage of your deposit back to you. AllHYIPdata.com provides for every HYIP an overview of the highest RCB rates.

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