Check if a HYIP is worth investing in

After finding a promising HYIP and checking the basic information about this HYIP, it is time to do some further analysis on this HYIP. In general, the timing for when you should invest in a HYIP varies a lot between different HYIP programs. For High return HYIP programs you want to invest within the first 3 days. For HYIP programs with lower return rates you might still want to invest after it has been online for one month. provides all the tools you need to get insight on the potential of this HYIP.

Monitors graph is the only platform that provides a graph with the amount of monitors over time a HYIP has. This way you can track if a HYIP is still attracting new monitors. Furthermore, these monitors indicate if the HYIP is still paying its users.

Forum graph is the only platform that provides a graph of the amount of forum posts over time on every HYIP. This way you can check how many people are interested in this HYIP. A lot of activity means that people are still investing. Is the graph stagnating? That mean people are not interested in this HYIP anymore so you should not invest.

Invested vs Withdrawn is the only platform that provides a graph on the amount of money invested, and withdrawn by all the HYIP monitors and users. If you see that there is already way more withdrawn than invested, it might mean that you are already too late to invest, and that the program is collapsing at any time.

NOTE: Never trust the statistics of the HYIP program itself about the amount of invested and withdrawn money, these statistics are faked to lure you into investing more.