What HYIP plan to choose

Most of the HYIP programs offer multiple plans for you to choose. Every plan has its own promised return, and its own risk. The plan you choose should be in line with your strategy and the risk you want to take. Plans with low return rates tend to be safer, but plans with righter return rates make more money, but watch out: Some HYIPs offer ridiculous plans. For example 2000% after 14 days. Such extraordinary amounts are never being paid out, so it would be wise to not invest in those plans. Always invest in the plans with a reasonable return rate.

Furthermore there are some other things you should take into account when comparing plans:

Principal Returned

Some HYIPs offer to return the principal investment. This means that after your plan is completed the HYIP will repay you your full initial investment.

Days vs Business Days

Some HYIPs offer only revenue on working days, that means that on saturday and sunday you won't receive any return, so then the total cycle time will be a lot longer.

Plan Calculator

For every HYIP we provide a calculation tool to calculate your potential profit over time. This calculation tool enables you to choose a plan of that HYIP, enter an amount of money and then it shows your potential gain in a graph.